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Welcome to Trench: How twenty one pilots Use Color to Signify Change

twenty one pilots is one of the most surprising mainstream crossovers from the alternative genre of the last several years. How has their anxiety ridden hybrid of hip-hop and indie rock managed to gain such traction, and how has color been used to signify the band’s evolution? Let’s dive in and find out.

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Visvim or Bust: John Mayer's Japanese Influenced Wardrobe | The Sound of Style

John Mayer is one of the most eclectic, stylish, and impressive musicians of the last twenty years. He’s a guitar virtuoso, a watch geek, and a total sartorialist deep down, and his visvim collection is a pure sign of the hybrid style that’s defined John’s career and life thus far.

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The Future is Unwritten: Joe Strummer's Punk Rock Americana Fusion | The Sound of Style

Joe Strummer was the man at the head of perhaps the single most influential, arguably most successful, and definitely most vocal punk rock bands of the last century, The Clash. With one foot firmly rooted in the British punk scene, and the other dabbling in the world of rockabilly and Americana, Joe managed to create a fusion not just of musical styles, but of sartorial ones as well.

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Young Animal: Gerard Way’s Style in a Post-My Chemical Romance World | The Sound of Style

When My Chemical Romance parted ways in 2012, one of the big questions that was brought up was “what will they do now?” For Gerard, the answer was simple - a solo record, a full time gig at DC Comics, a Netflix series, and a deeper dive into the world of menswear and style (and watches) than he’d ever taken before.

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May Death Never Stop You: The Eras of My Chemical Romance As Told By Gerard Way’s Style Evolution | The Sound of Style

My Chemical Romance is one of the most influential bands of the last several decades, and their frontman, Gerard Way, has had one of the most interesting style evolutions to accompany their musical one. In this article, We dive into Gerard’s style during the different My Chem eras, and how you can channel some of these same looks into your own life (guyliner completely optional).

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Oversized Suits to Suit Shorts: 3 Stylists Behind the Evolution of Athlete Style

Professional sports have surely evolved. Athletes are jumping higher, running faster, and consistently breaking the perceived barriers of human performance. All aspects of their game are fluid, including their style off the field. So who’s behind this evolution? The looks are orchestrated by professional stylists, of course. Just like coaches and trainers help stars work on their sports game, these stylists help the big shots hone their personal style.

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