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Ka•va•lier [German] (= galanter Mann) Gentleman

The meaning of Kavalier

Hello gents, and thank you for visiting The Kavalier. As you can see above, Kavalier is German for “gentleman,” a gallant man, one of confidence and style, who attracts both respect and admiration.

This site is my view on what it means to be a modern gentleman. I’ve learned that the way a man presents himself to the world has a remarkable impact on the way he feels, the way he’s treated, and even what he achieves.

As a visitor to The Kavalier, I can assume you’re already interested in style. My goal is to help you navigate the vast offerings available. Some are well-known and many are on their way to being more widely discovered.

My interest is in style that is modern but not trendy, that has an air of being classic without being staid, that presents you as a man of success and confidence. I care also about the importance of quality and guide you to brands that offer quality at an attainable price point. They’re out there. I find them, try them, show you, and let you know.

What you’ll find here

At The Kavalier I provide straightforward information, all based on my firsthand experience with products and brands I review and discuss. Each review is unbiased, and all are based on my personal perspective on what looks and feels great and what does not. At each step, I give you the “why” so you can use your judgment on what’s important to you.

Being a gentleman

I find that my audience cares, like I do, about being a gentleman, for how it benefits them and makes them feel, and the effect it has on others. So how do I define the modern gentleman? It’s a man who is well put together and well groomed. The clothes fit well, are chosen with care, and are clean and pressed. He carries himself with confidence. He cares about the details. He’s also well-rounded, the guy in the office who can talk sports, design, politics, and popular culture, with intelligence and respect.

Kaizen and curiosity

Kaizen is the Japanese philosophy of “continuous improvement” and I’m a big believer. It applies to all aspects of life, from professional to health to relationships, but outside of Japan it’s received particular traction in business and the workplace. A vital element of living Kaizen is maintaining and feeding my curiosity, always wanting to learn more, discover more. That’s a journey we’re on together. The more brands, products, or services I discover, the more I learn about what distinguishes a superior shirt or shoe from an even finer one, perhaps at an even better price, the more I’ll share with you.

Questions? Please get in touch.

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Jon Shanahan

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Photo by Nick Jones

Photo by Nick Jones

Photo by Nick Jones