Time for a Wardrobe Upgrade in 2019? It's Time to Try Stitch Fix.

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A great business casual look from my first “Fix” of 2019

A great business casual look from my first “Fix” of 2019

When I started shopping for my own clothing, all I knew is that I wanted cheap and comfortable. I barely had a sense of my preferred color palette, style, or fit. It took me years of trial and error to settle on my style, which was very expensive. My idea of “dressing up” included cheap ties, uncomfortable shoes, and suits that were always a size too big. There were few people to turn to, and I thought brands at the mall were “high end”. Today there is a faster way to help you learn more about your style and take the hassle out of shopping for new clothing. Enter Stitch Fix - I signed up for Stitch Fix nearly three years ago, let them know my size, style, and what I was looking for and they delivered. You can see the video from that first delivery here. As I learned the importance of clothing and the impact it has on your perception to the world, I started to take my outfits seriously which changed my life for the better. It’s the reason I started my YouTube channel and this site.

After experimenting with nearly all of the services out there I can say confidently that Stitch Fix is the most customizable and adaptable personal styling service available. Accommodating budgets and adjustable delivery scheduling really set Stitch Fix apart.

LOVED this peacoat included from Scotch and Soda

LOVED this peacoat included from Scotch and Soda

Make 2019 the year you take your style seriously

  • Start your 2019 with a delivery of clothing from your personal stylist

  • Just enter your clothing size, preferred style, and budget

  • Once your clothing is delivered, simply send back the items you don’t want. You’re only charged for what you love (and keep)

  • Stitch Fix recently expanded their size offerings, tailored styles for the office, and new brands so even if you’ve tried them in the past now could be the best time to start again!

  • They constantly improve the service with your feedback, the dress shirt they included this month was a Medium-Tall-Slim shirt and it was a perfect fit. This is the kind of sizing you never find in stores.

  • You can choose to have deliveries sent regularly (monthly, bi-monthly etc.) or as you need them

Below are some closeups from my first 2019 fix, the video above has even more.

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