The Casper Glow Light - Review

By Jon Shanahan | Post may contain affiliate links (Affiliate Disclosure)

The Casper Glow Light is the latest product from Casper. I started sleeping on Casper Mattresses in 2014 and I’ve been impressed with the company’s commitment to improving sleep though all means, from a great mattress, to pillows, sheets, and now their smart lighting.

Eliminating blue light before bed is important for falling sleep faster and letting your body follow it’s natural circadian rhythm. The Glow Light helps dim the room in a timely way to help you fall asleep using their 2700k warm lighting. It’s also cleverly designed and so easy a child can use it. Flip the light to start the timer, rotate it to dim manually, and shake to enable the nightlight. The light can also be controlled by a companion app when within bluetooth range.

Using the app you can also schedule a wake up time to silently wake you up in the same calming way you fell asleep. Group up to six lights within a room to create the perfect sleep environment. With an impressive battery life, simple charging mechanism, and beautiful industrial design this light is high on my recommendation list for anyone looking to improve their sleep patterns.

Casper :
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