Suavecito - Brand History and Product Review

Drop that pomade you pick up at the grocery store and Purchase a premium product for half the cost

Humble Beginnings

Brothers Pete and Tony Adame with their childhood friend J-Bird grew up in Santa Ana, California and were introduced into barbershop scene, motorcycle and tattoo culture. After years of spending top dollar on other pomades Pete decided to make his own. After mixing up pomade in a bucket purchased from Home Depot, Pete discovered what is now Suavecito (suav-e-sito) a water soluble pomade that holds and acts like a wax. His intentions were to make it for everyone in the neighborhood. He spent the early days giving it away to all his friends packaged in Tupperware dishes and plastic bags. The purpose was never to get rich or to create a business but to offer a premium quality product for everyone who was tired of paying or who couldn’t afford the pomade on the market. In 2009, after being laid off from his job as a machinist Pete, Tony and J-Bird decided to take Pete’s thousand dollar severance pay and package up and sell their pomade. Rather quickly it all had sold out and the rest is history.

Fast forwarding to 2019, Suavecito is now a flourishing company forming their own culture. They offer a variety of products for all hair types including clays and matte pomades and everything in between. Staying humble, Pete offers a product that can be easily sold at a premium but, instead sells his original pomade for only $9.99.   

My Personal Routine

My go to daily hair routine involves three products, Suavecito Firme Clay, Hair Creme and their non aerosol Grooming Spray (hair spray). When getting out of the shower and getting dressed in the morning I go in front of the mirror after drying my hair enough to get it damp but not completely dry I apply the hair creme into my hair evenly. Next I wash it off my hands and use the clay to give my hair the style that I want. The hair creme allows me to have the tiniest bit of shine throughout the day. After my hair is ready to go and looking great I use a couple sprays of the grooming spray to ensure that my hold stays. I don't believe it's completely necessary given the fact I’ve never had a problem with hold. I just prefer the little extra insurance that the grooming spray gives me. It also doesn’t cause your hair to get crunchy unlike traditional hairspray which is a huge plus. This combination of products gives me a natural look with my hair that you can run your fingers through and adjust as need be with a exceptional hold that lasts all day. Now I will talk about each of their products that i have used in depth.

Suavecito Original Pomade

Suavecito comes in a 4oz plastic container that is black and orange heavily branded with the Suavecito logo containing “Proudly Made in the USA” on the back. When opening you’ll see the root beer like color and will be greeted by a very manly cologne like smell which I have always liked and have never found to be too strong. One of the pluses of Suavecito is the lack of harsh chemicals in all of their products. Before I was introduced to Suavecito I use to break out a lot from several different pomades and I have not once had redness or irritation from any of the products that Suavecito offers. Which is very surprising given my sensitive skin. Advertised as water soluble it very much is. After one wash your hands are free from that sticky feeling that usually for me takes three scrubs with soap to remove. Another positive is unlike some other water soluble pomades Suavecito is strong and resembles more of a wax.

Although on the website Suavecito Original pomade is listed as a medium hold medium shine it acts a little bit stronger then a medium hold and I have found that it has a higher level of shine than other medium pomades.


When applying this pomade for the first time I recommend putting your finger in and using a nickel size amount and gauging how much you need for your specific hair type and length. With a skin to two guard fade on the sides and 4-6 inches of hair on top I find myself using much less than other pomades I’ve used in the past. When emulsifying take a little extra time then normal to spread even the product. When applying to your hair I recommend using a comb to insure that the product is evenly spread throughout your hair. Then going back through with fingers after to give that messier look. If you desire a more clean slick back or slicked to the side with a part look I would apply to damp hair evenly. Then comb your hair how you would like it. It's going to take slightly more pomade to battle against damp hair I recommend using a pre-styler like Suavecito Hair Cream applying it to dry hair then using the suavecito original to finish the job. It's not necessary but I find using the pomade by itself and then using the hair creme before gives me personally a better finished product and a hold that lasts all day. If you do the same and use the hair creme first make sure you wash all extra product on your hands before using the pomade to ensure you don't get this messy textured product on your hands. The biggest plus of Suavecito Original is how excellent the hold is. All day long i tend to not have any problem with hairs fraying or getting that saggy depressing look in the front of your hair. Personally the high shine that the product provides is not for me. I prefer the Matte Pomade for having that no shine natural look that i desire in a product.

Suavecito Matte Pomade

After using the matte pomade I can confidently say its is one of my favorites. It's great for that messy hair style or if you’re just trying to get a decently strong hold without all of the shine. That way you can have more of a natural hair style. Upon opening the green labeled container it’s very different from the original hold, the white color makes it look more like a thicker paste. Just like the original pomade it has a great smell to it and that smell lasts in your hair throughout the day. It's a very light pomade, but its not thin by any means you will still have to break it down in your hands before applying. The pomade applies very nicely using just fingers through dry hair. Another option would be to apply using a comb through damp hair which I found holds up throughout the day just as great. I noticed around mid day my hair would start to fray in the front a little. I do stay very active throughout the day running around and I find I have this habit of running my fingers through my hair which doesn’t help. All it takes is running a wet comb through my hair and I am back on track. It doesn’t require me to add any more product which is a problem I’ve had with other pomades. Although the Matte pomade has a nice clean natural look with no shine I do find myself using more product first thing in the morning to compensate for not having the all day lasting hold that found to like in the Original Hold pomade. The ideal product for me is the Suavecito Firme Clay which is the perfect balance between the Original and Matte Pomades. The Firme Clay brings to the table that nice clean natural finish with no shine as well as the all day hold that i've grown to love in the Original Hold pomade.  

Matte Pomade.jpg

Suavecito Firme Clay

New to the Suavecito line Suavecito Firme Clay is my number one go to in the morning. Coming in like the others in a 4oz orange-pink container the clay upon opening has a great scent with a pleasing grey toned pink color. When you scoop your finger in the clay is really resistant. You will not need very much to get started. When applying scoop out a nickel size amount and apply it to your palm and place your hands together. Rub them back and forth until you feel your hands get warm to emulsify. This clay absolutely needs to be broken down. When broken down the clay turns clear on your hands unlike others I’ve tried that break down yellow or don’t break down at all. I apply to damp hair and with my fingers to start off the spread with a comb to get every piece of hair where its suppose to lay then I go back through with my hands to finish the job and give my hair the uncombed natural hair style that I love. The Clay really gave me a fair medium in-between the original hold and the matte pomade. I get a  strong hold with a matte finish and I’ve tested this through and through. From the gym to work and everywhere in between I have had no problems with hold as with the matte pomade, also I don’t get the high shine that I am not a fan off with the original hold. Now after trying many Suavecito products I can't seem to put this clay down. This Firme Clay is far superior to any other clay that I’ve used and I recommend it to anyone looking for a natural no shine finish that needs a product with a stronger then average hold.


In conclusion

Choosing a great hair product for yourself is all about preference. I recommend starting with either the matte or the original hold. If you like a messier natural look like myself start with the Matte pomade if that doesn’t give you the hold that you desire i recommend moving on to try the Firme Clay. On the other hand if a clean cut slick back or parted hairstyle with a high level of shine  is what you are after the Original hold is for you. Suavecito also offers that same Original product in a stronghold which I would absolutely recommend for anyone who has a slick back hairstyle with much longer then average hair. At $9.99, $11.99 and $12.99 all three of these products offer exceptional value for the price and all can be found on



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