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This guide will show you exactly how to choose the best no show socks for men out there! After years of testing two dozen options I’m here to help you save time, money, and hassle when looking for the perfect mens no show socks.

I also asked Jordan Mixson a.k.a. The Sockateur to help guide you on what to look for when shopping for no show socks. Jordan covers fabrication, design, and construction to help guide you in the right direction. Below you’ll find my picks for best overall no show socks, best budget, best fabric, best for boat shoes, and more. Don’t miss the chart that shows which socks are perfect for boat shoes, sneakers, loafers and Belgian slippers.

This is the video summary, it does not contain the comparison of shoe types

But first let’s lay some groundwork with Jordan:

Why No Show Socks?

Personally, I want to protect my shoes from as much sweat and dirt as much as possible. Especially in the hotter days ahead. It’s a great way to help preserve your favorite shoes. The fun part is that your style can be whatever it wants in secret. It’s an art form to me. Allow me to introduce myself.

@Sockateur  on Instagram

@Sockateur on Instagram

Hi this is Jordan Mixson. I’m the content creator behind The Sockateur (@sockateur) on instagram and my blog website. A friend and fan of The Kavalier. I love wearing fun socks as a signature statement to my personal style. I enjoy offering sock styling tips to my audience and I’m more than happy to offer my pick of some stellar No Show Socks worth your money on the market. I’m happy to help contribute this sock guide for you all!

I think we know a bad no show sock is one that never stays on and bunches up in your shoes. It’s super annoying! That’s why sock nerds like me can help:

The Sockateur’s Pick:

Necessary Anywhere No Show Socks

Price $12 | One Size

There are some excellent choices out there but pay attention to New York brand “Necessary Anywhere” This sock brand offers high quality cotton socks made in China. They offer muted colorways with solid color blocks and minimal geometric patterns. LET'S TALK FIT: Their no shows don’t come off. Not Even Once! That’s because of the smart design of a gel padding inside of the heel of sock that molds to your heel. Also, the knit of the sock covers most of your foot instead of the outer perimeter of your foot.  I tested these no shows on a Disney World trip. My socks never came off while walking around Disney Parks. I was blown away.

The socks also have that “lived in” feel. They’re incredibly easy to slip on verses breaking a pair of socks that feels like they need to open up after a couple of wears.  Definitely try out this brand!


The Best Overall No Show Socks


Bombas offers three models of their no show socks- cushioned, lightweight, and low cut. My pick for the best overall is the lightweight model. Their fabric composition of 65% Cotton 34% Polyester 1% Spandex give you great comfort, performance, and durability. They stay up well and come in enough colors to please everyone. Combine the fabric and design with the wide range of sizes to make sure you get the perfect fit and Bombas is really hard to beat. They also donate one pair for each pair purchased so you’re doing good while looking and feeling good.

Buy one of their packs to save even more than the $10.50 price per pair.

The Budget Pick

Ninja Sox

Ninja Sox perfectly balance budget with design and performance. Other no show socks that come in under the $10 price point do not have the same low profile or comfort. The real key to Ninja Sox also comes from their wide range of sizes. You can get an XS to an XL which is rare as we look across other brands. So if you’re looking at the random Amazon brands of no show socks, save yourself the risk and get these.

Ninja Sox are about $5.99 per pair but they offer previous models for less.

The Best Fabric

Mack Weldon No Show Socks

The silver technology used by Mack Weldon’s no show socks give you the best performance when it comes to odor control versus any other pair of socks tested. They give you a level of comfort that is similar to the Marcoliani socks that cost $25 per pair but the Mack Weldon socks have fared better after multiple washes compared to the finer fabrics in the higher end no shows.

Mack Weldon Silver Stealth No Show Socks are $14 per pair and sold in a 2 pack.

The Patriotic Model

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 3.04.42 PM.png

American Trench Kennedy No Show Sock

American Trench combines the luxurious feel of Supima cotton with the low profile of the best no shows out there. Entirely Made in the USA from the long staple Supima Cotton grown, spun, and constructed in Iowa, including the silicone grip make this a great pick overall but especially if you’re into supporting American craftsmanship. Plus it’s named after JFK so what is there not to like?

American Trench Kennedy No Show Socks are $18.50 and come in M/L sizes.

The Lowest-Show

Bombas Low Cut No Show Socks

No socks I tested were nearly as low cut as these Bombas socks. The interesting thing about these socks is that the design really holds up when you’re active but provides the same performance as the other Bombas socks for moisture wicking and comfort. No matter what shoe style you’re wearing these are some of the only no show socks that will be hidden in any boat shoe, loafer, or slipper. They also come in multiple sizes to make sure get the perfect fit so you’re not falling down through the day.

Don’t sleep on the Bombas Low Cut socks. Also $10.50 per pair

Best for Big Feet

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 3.05.40 PM.png

Falke Invisible No Show Socks & Bombas

Falke is a German hosiery maker that nails the combination of design and fabrication. The Invisible line is lightweight combining 98% Cotton 2% Elastane. Coming in sizes up to an EU46 or US 13 you should be able to get the perfect fit while blending the German made design and performance.

Bombas also offers large sizes across their line that will help us big/tall guys.

For the Sweatiest Feet

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 3.06.16 PM.png

Ministry of Supply No Show Socks

Socks infused with coffee-infused recycled polyester. Need more than that? The Ministry of Supply no show socks have a unique blend of 40% cotton, 40% coffee infused polyester, and 20% elastane which provides some serious moisture absorbency and odor fighting. These socks have been in my rotation for 3 years with a dozen washes and still perform great. Due to their higher design they’re not great for lower shoes like loafers but these are my go-to socks for sneakers or dress shoes if I'll be combating any heat.

$15 per pair and available in M/L sizes.

Best for Small Feet

Ninja Sox

Few brands out there make sizes that go all the way down nearly child sizes but Ninja Sox went there. If you wear a Men’s size 6 grab a small. Smaller? They even offer an XS size. Most of the socks tested come in a “regular size” which is supposed to accommodate a size 8-12 foot but if you have trouble keeping other no show socks up try something closer to your true size for the best performance.

Ninja Sox will help most guys get the right fit from the smallest to largest feet.

The Luxurious Pick

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 3.06.51 PM.png

Pantherella No Show Socks

Pantherella no show socks are made in England from extremely soft and luxurious Egyptian Cotton (65%) with Nylon and Lycra bringing you a soft yet sturdy sock that doesn’t slip. You can see in the photo there’s an almost see-through mesh weave to the fabric which helps with the breathability as well. Also offered in a M/L size for the perfect fit, it’s no wonder you can pick these up on Mr. Porter.

These socks at $25 per pair are on the high end but you get what you pay for in every regard.

Honorable Mentions

Nice Laundry - Excellent fabric and design. I had some issues with keeping them up in some shoes but I think a different foot shape will yield great results for others.

Hook and Albert - Pima cotton socks and a very low cut design make these an amazing value at $10/pair

Gap No Show Socks - Gap is so frequently on promotion that if you can get these for less than $8 per pair then look no further than the venerable Gap!

Best Socks by Shoe Type


What to Look For In A Pair of No Show Socks

If you’re going for the sockless look, pay attention that your sock does not fully cover your ankles! You don’t want your pants break to show some skin, and socks barely covering your ankle with your shoe. It takes the illusion away.

I recommend finding no show socks that covers the “instep” or most of the top part of your foot that doesn't cover the ankle to create the Illusion.

Cotton quality matters! Combed cotton or Egyptian cotton are the most comfortable and more accessible options to go! Look at the back of the sock label for cotton blend preferably over 60%. As a balance to a high cotton blend, look for a low ratio of synthetic material (ie. Polyester) before buying.

The heel of the no show is vital! Check online or the back of the label for a brand that offers a Y stitched Heel that forms around your foot and contour heel.  Look for a description of a gel or rubber grip for the heel that adds support and no slipping.

Definitely look for no shows that offer anti odor properties built in.  I like to reinforce that with foot spray before putting on the sock. Any sock for that matter! You can’t be too sure.

Finally, get the sock size that fits you.  The one size fits all doesn’t work for all feet. Definitely choose a brand that offers your size availability (S,M,L)

Well those are my suggestions! I hope you this will help you and your sockgame. Thanks for having me Jon!

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 3.10.11 PM.png

Thank you to Jordan Mixson for working on this guide with me! His pick was done independently and he wrote the guide of “what to look for in a no-show sock” all other research and picks were done by Jon Shanahan