The Perfect Casual Sock: A Review of Strideline Socks

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Socks are rarely something we spend much time or money on. Most people grab the bulk pack of socks from a local general store. Several years ago, I had purchased some better socks, still not high quality, but the difference was enough to make me realize that not all socks are created equally. I set out recently to find the best casual socks. I think I succeeded, enter Strideline socks.

Strideline was started ten years ago by two brothers trying to create the worlds most comfortable sock. They have had several revisions and have discovered all kinds of 'sock science.' The question is, are they the most comfortable socks? I tried several brands of socks before I tried these, let's dive into what I found.

Sock Fit

First off you would think that a sock is a sock, with all the 'one size, fits all' a sock is meant to fit. This assumption would be far from the truth, however. I found a few brands whos 'one size fits all' was too small for my foot, and I only wear a 10.5 shoe. When you purchase socks from Strideline, you have three size options, and this allows for a perfect fit. The sock is the proper length and it contours entirely to your foot. The Strideline socks are built with what is called "compression padding," so they feel like they are hugging your feet, a delightful feeling. Also, the crew socks stay up all day like they are supposed to, as opposed to some other brands I've tried.

Sock thickness

One concern that I had never thought of was the thickness of the socks. I have found that a low-quality sock will often be overly thick to compensate for shoddy construction. The Strideline socks are the perfect thickness for a casual sock. They do have some padding on the bottom of the foot, but they disappear on the foot and are incredibly breathable. Part of this is due to the well-woven air vents.


When I purchased these socks, I replaced my casual and boot socks with three pairs of the crew socks and three pairs of the no show socks. I have worn each pair at least once per week, and they still look and wear like they are brand new. With being a weightlifter, I weigh in at about 250 lbs, that means my socks usually take a severe beating. I end up wearing through the toe quickly. So far, these socks have no sign of wear and are holding up beautifully.

Just Hype?


I know what some of you may be thinking as you read this "he has yet to say a single negative thing about these socks, he must be biased somehow." I can understand that sentiment, the truth, however, is that I have honestly never worn a better sock. I know there are many dress socks of a higher quality than these, but those cost many times more and are a completely different category. When it comes to a solid causal sock, I will be wearing Strideline from now on, and I suggest you do the same.


When I received my first pack of these socks, it was a 3-pack of the low socks; I usually buy a single pair as a test run, so this was a change for me. I didn’t regret it; however, I loved these socks so much that I bought two more 3-packs two weeks later. I have entirely replaced my sneaker and boot socks with them. My recommendation to you is to get at least a 3-pack of each length you usually wear. If you need to up your sock game quickly, head for the 8-pack. You will not regret it!


Zach Mitchem

I started sports at age 4, lifting weights at age 12 and have most recently been a competitive Olympic weightlifter in the 102kg class and have a planned meet in powerlifting as a 110kg lifter. I have had issues with finding clothes that fit well for as long as I can remember. In 2017 I stepped up my style game and realized there are few options for muscular men at the average online or brick and mortar store. I started writing about style with the intent to help you avoid all the wasted time and frustration I have encountered in my journey. I want you to be able to buy quality clothing that fits well without leaving your house and without a trip to the tailor.