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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is this site for?

We wanted to create a resource for shopping products that are made in the USA. There are many lists out there of “Best Made Fashion Made in the USA” but few lists bring them all together in this way. There are also brands highlighted as “Best American Brands” which doesn’t always mean their products are produced in the US. We focus on the best menswear made in the USA although there are excellent brands producing womenswear in the states as well.

How doEs a brand qualify to be listed?

We look for brands that produce at least one of their product lines in the USA. We only place a brand’s name in a subcategory if those products are produced in the USA and note where applicable the products that are created in the USA. In the case of New Balance we have linked to the specific USA made line. The brand must also offer direct sales to consumers via their website. We plan to include brands such as Keystone Tailored Manufacturing or Southwick separately as you cannot directly access their site and purchase product.

How Do you define “Made in the USA”

The goal of this directory is to highlight brands that support American labor. Products should be produced or manufactured in America. Even products that are manufactured in the US but with imported materials qualify, but we would like to highlight products that are completely manufactured from start to finish with USA made materials. In the case of a technical garment such as Mizzen and Main it is extremely difficult to get the raw performance fabrics sourced in the USA but the materials are used in American factories for final cutting, sewing, and distribution.

Are American Made products always better?

No. Products made in the US are not always the highest quality or best products in their category. Many times they will be higher priced as a function of higher manufacturing and labor costs but brands that recognize they will demand a higher price tend to invest in the best raw materials. Allen Edmonds is a great example - although they make incredibly comfortable and well made shoes, you are supporting American workers, manufacturing, and traditions; there are better shoes available in the same price bracket. There is also considerably less environmental impact to supporting products made in the US as the global supply chain is not as engaged with overseas shipping of goods, especially when a brand sources raw materials in the US.

Why isn’t (XYZ) brand listed?

This is the best list we are able to compile while considering online product availability. We’re always looking to discover and highlight new brands to update this directory. Drop us a line using the contact button at the bottom of the site.

Special thanks to Daniel Gullotta, Gabriel Dechter, and Carl Murawski