Lords of Wool: A Great Suiting Experience For Men

Hey gents, today we’re going to be taking a look at Lords of Wool. This is a new company that does custom suiting from the same team that does Hall Madden. First off, I need to let you know that there are two different Hall Maddens that I’m talking about.

There’s the Hall Madden that I’ve been subscribed to for six years. I get my dress shirts from them. Then there’s the Hall Madden that does bespoke in-person suiting out of their showrooms in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, DC, and Miami.

hall madden suiting.jpg

To purchase one of their suits, you’re looking at about $950 due to fine Italian cloths, multiple in-person fittings, and the whole bespoke experience that comes with buying a suit from Hall Madden. 

Lords of Wool is a way for them to lower that price tag and take the experience online but still offer the expertise they’ve developed from making thousands of bespoke suits for their customers. 

They start at $500 and today, I’ll take you through the whole fitting experience and show you first hand why I think they’ve truly nailed the balance between value, experience, and quality.

The Lords of Wool Suiting Process

Basically, if you want a step up in quality from Indochino, Men’s Wearhouse, and other companies similar to them, but you can’t go full custom, Lords of Wool is a great middle ground.

If you’re familiar with Article of Style’s process, this is very similar but they’ve added their own spin.

First, you order what you want from the Lords of Wool site. They have blazers, suits, and tuxedos that can come with a black tie and dress shirt. Once you’ve chosen what you’d like, you take a quick survey so they can get your size. Afterwards, you order. 

The different Lords of Wool suit options available.

The different Lords of Wool suit options available.

For suiting, you can choose from the hundreds of fabric options that they offer. If you’re after a specific look, they can help you find that desired look if you send them a picture of yourself. 

They’ve also developed a robust texting system to walk you through the entire order. I’ll show you that as well. Once you place an order, they’ll send you try-on garments. Here’s the process.

Tweaking the Look

After getting the try-on garments, I sent them photos. Together, we went back and forth to tweak the look. It’s important to note that Lords of Wool isn’t calling this exact made-to-measure or bespoke. It's more like a suit that’s as close to off-the-rack in your fit with some tweaks.

If you want a truly custom fit or a crazy combination of fabrics and colors, there are other companies that you should check out. That being said, the final garment was near perfect based on the try-on garments sent to me and some photos of the piece sent over text.

button notch.jpg

The Final Fit

So, the final fit is really good. There were some other minor tweaks that I had to make like I did with my other suits. While there isn’t tailoring credit, they will work with you to find a tailor near you so that they can give you the full service experience.

So, let’s run down some of the detail questions you might have about the suit.

Yes, they are made in Asia, China specifically. They use half-canvas construction and they use the best wool possible for a $500 suit. I can tell you first-hand that this suit feels as good as my Oliver Wicks one which is at about the same price point. 

There is a nice suit bag included along with a wooden hanger. They use Mother of Pearl buttons on the shirts and real horn and shell buttons for the suits. The tuxedo automatically comes with side tabs and suspender tabs, which is a very nice addition.

So at $500 for a suit and the entire experience, I think this is an absolute steal. Yes, I did use $650 for this suit, but after trying so many different MTM and bespoke suit companies, this process is painless and easy.

When you compare this to Suitsupply’s tuxedo with the Havana at $599, Lords of Wool is super competitive and if you add on Suitsupply’s tailoring tax, this is a great pick if you’re looking for a more affordable option.

I get a ton of questions from guys about their suits and outside of Men’s Wearhouse and Indochino, there aren’t very many options for guys at this price point that also has this solid of an experience.

This isn’t going to be the perfect suit for every guy. There are going to be some guys who want to either dial in the fit a little more or make a few more modifications. But for 90% of guys, this is going to be one of the best experiences you can get.