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Hail to the King: What Stephen King Teaches Us About Simplicity and Being Afraid of the Dark | Style Stories

Stephen King is one of the most legendary writers of all time, from horror classics like Carrie and IT to less obvious iconic stories such as Stand By Me and The Shawshank Redemption. He’s also one of the most important style figures of the last half century, but not because of the reasons you might expect.

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Young Animal: Gerard Way’s Style in a Post-My Chemical Romance World | The Sound of Style

When My Chemical Romance parted ways in 2012, one of the big questions that was brought up was “what will they do now?” For Gerard, the answer was simple - a solo record, a full time gig at DC Comics, a Netflix series, and a deeper dive into the world of menswear and style (and watches) than he’d ever taken before.

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